European Journal of Policing Studies (EJPS)

The European Journal of Policing Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles addressing the topic of policing and police studies in the broad sense. EJPS aims to provide insights into contemporary policing discussion. It focuses on issues that are of interest to the police and other actors in policing, and that shape (the future of) policing. It offers contributions in a broad domain, including contemporary academic (empirical) research on policing (by the police as well as other actors), phenomena that may be of interest to policing actors, education, policing strategies and styles, accountability and democratic rights, legal and political developments and policing policy and practice.

With its primary aim of disclosing European research into, views on and analyses of policing to the international community, EJPS wants to reach both policing researchers and practitioners. In its ambition to help overcome the language barrier, EJPS aims to disclose research from countries which often remain out of sight in publications and also applauds international comparative research.

The Journal concentrates on contributions from European countries, but contributions from other countries are also welcomed, if they provide added value for the European context. EJPS aspires to have an international reach and the editors aim for inclusion in the Thomson Reuters database (Web of Science). It is published four times a year. EJPS offers quick but thorough review procedures through the expert guidance of an international editorial board and invites authors to submit their articles through the online web application.

The 0 volume is composed of contributions previously published in the Maklu Journal of Police Studies. The contributions are representative of what the EJPS intends. 

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Editorial team


Antoinette Verhage

Assistant Editors

Lieselot Bisschop & Wim Hardyns

Regional Editors

Tore Bjørgo (Norway)
Bojan Dobovšek (Slovenia)
Susana Durão (Portugal)
Adam Edwards (Wales) 
Thomas Feltes (Germany)
Jack Greene (US)
Lodewijk Gunther Moor (the Netherlands)
Marleen Easton (Belgium)
Layla Skinns (England)


Maklu Publishers


Programma activiteiten (onder voorbehoud)

  • 14 februari 2019: Cahiers op de campus: Seminar en openbare les: Onderwijs en opleiding van de politie, Den Haag (gratis deelname)
  • 28 februari 2019: Studiedag ‘Politie in een federale staat. Nieuwe inzichten in de politiestructuur’, Poliscenter (RAC – Polis Center), Brussel
  • 22 maart 2019:  CPS-studiedag: Een gedeeld beroepsgeheim voor politie en hulpverlening: vanzelf sprekend!, Lovelingegebouw Gent
  • Maart 2019: Seminarie over de implementatie van de CP3 (organisatiebeheersing politie)
  • April 2019: Seminiaries over de schaalgrootte van de politiezones (onder voorbehoud van bevestiging)
  • April/mei 2019: CPS-studiedag rond Bestuurlijke handhaving (onder voorbehoud)
  • 16 mei 2019: Studiemiddag Cahiers op de campus: ‘Intrafamiliaal geweld’, Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch (NL)
  • 17 september 2019: Internationale conferentie ter gelegenheid van 30 jaar CPS: ‘Policing challenges  in a smart society’ (ENG), Universiteit Gent + jubileumfeest
  • Najaar 2019: Studiedag ‘Just another digital day at the police office’ 
  • Najaar 2019: Studiedag ‘Drugbeleid voor evenementen’ 
  • Najaar 2019: Studiedag over organisatiecultuur
  • Najaar 2019: Studiedag over horizontaal toezicht

Voorbije activiteiten

Structureel partnership 2018

CPS-prijs voor het beste Nederlandstalige eindwerk